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Thank you for visiting our farm where all our flowers are grown with heart. I'm a fourth generation farmer, growing flowers and raising beef the way my grandparents did. I'm proud to share how I grow & produce cut flowers and vegetables through seasonal workshops on our farm and on our Instagram page daily. Everything grown here is started by seed, corm, bulb, and tuber by me. The majority of the summer flowers will be growing from seeds collected from last season's flowers. 

Our flowers are used in weddings, in offices, at home or with sympathy. Special arrangements are available almost daily during our season, please check availability before ordering online. We also offer flowers for purchase by the stem, as well as Buckets of Blooms sold by color.

Our season begins April 1st with the Tulips, Ranunculus, and Anemone. As the months come and go, so do the new flowers. Dahlias are typically here in the middle of July and bloom until fall's first frost. Check out our What's Blooming page to see a detailed guide about all our flowers and their bloom times.


We are slowing accepting that winter is here as we finish planting around 5,000 Tulips, a beautiful assortment of Ranunculus and Anemone too! My mom and daughter were a great help this fall getting those bulbs in the ground. Planting tulips is a lot of fun! Check out the photo below to see how close I plant my Tulip bulbs. I plant them nearly touching and about 7" under the soil. When it comes time to harvest them, I pull the whole stem, bulb attached, up out of the ground to maximize the overall stem length. I compost the spent bulbs, I do not grow with them again. They typically won't produce a nice flower the next year when the Tulips leaves aren't left attached to the bulb. 

 Our greenhouse is slowing filling with trays of spring flowers like Larkspur, Snapdragons, and Sweet Peas. The flower field will open April 1st for our Tulip U-pick, where you can drop in & pay by the stem. Some of the most stunning varieties of Tulips will be ready daily for you to pick & take home. Don't forget to visit the custom wrapping station on your way out!

Our Spring Flower Shares are still available for purchase if you're interested in taking home a bouquet made by me every other week April thru June. July will be the opening of our Summer field, where speciality Sunflowers, Dahlias, Lisanthus, Zinnias, and tons more filler will be growing just for our U-cut days. 

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