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Make your day special with farm fresh flowers

Our flower farm produces the high quality, custom color, bridal blooms April through October. Our 2024 books are now open! Choose between full wedding design or just buckets of flowers. These Bucket O' Blooms can be ordered online, and color matched with fabric swatches and are guaranteed to be cut fresh for farm pick up. Buckets will be filled with 35+ focal flowers (like Ranunculus or Anemone in the spring & Dahlias, Roses, or Sunflowers in the summer) in your choice of color and a handful of greens and secondary flowers (Zinnia, Cosmos, Statice, or strawflower) to match. Buckets will be filled with whatever blooms are available in our field, they are cut and hydrated overnight in a cooler, ready to be worked with the same day you pick up. We are also able to offer an Elopement Package for $250 which includes a premier bridal bouquet, boutonnière and your choice of a centerpiece style arrangement, bridesmaid bouquet, or additional boutonnière.

*Please order your Bucket O'Blooms and Elopement Package at least a week in advance, I cannot always fill last minute requests. If you have specific color requests, please inquire before placing your online order.


PHONE: (509) 306-0457 call me to schedule an in person consultation if you have inspirational photos & you're ready to build a quote!  

Extra Large Fountain


Starting at $185

Let me create the most romantic accessory to your day. Customize your bouquet size and color through a consult with me. Come by the farm and lets talk flowers! Dahlias will be available for July, August, & September weddings.


Consider adding a Toss Bouquet! Take home and preserve your bridal bouquet, while using a second smaller bouquet to toss to all the single ladies! It will be a mini version of yours and a fun take home to whomever catches it!



Prices start at $125

Bridesmaid bouquets are created to compliment your bride's bouquet. Bouquets are built around wedding colors, flower preferences, and style. If you are looking for speciality blooms not found in my field, I am able to source locally. 

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